Operating Highlights

Business scope

Business classification
Trendy skin care and cosmetic products There are internationally and domestically well-known brands of skin care and cosmetic items displayed over-the-counter, and economical and practical products displayed on the open-shelf.
Daily merchandise There are daily necessaries such as household items, daily utensils, shampoo, and so on.
Trendy underwear and socks There are the trendy branded underwear and socks displayed over-the-counter for customers with different characters and preferences.
Delicate and personal supplies There are snacks, stationery, leather goods and ornaments.

Business proportion

Currency unit: NTD 1,000
Business classification FY2017
Sales amount Business proportion (%)
Trendy skin care and cosmetic products 5,146,337 38.80
Daily merchandise 4,248,995 32.04
Trendy underwear and socks 1,547,465 11.67
Delicate and personal supplies 2,319,274 17.49
Total 13,262,071 100.00

Current products and services offered by POYA

Trendy skin care and cosmetic items, accessories and perfume.
Branded cosmetics counters.
Branded underwear counters.
Imported trendy leather goods and ornaments.
Trendy socks, male and female underwear, headwear, scarves, handkerchiefs and other seasonal items.
Household cleaning products, personal toiletries, hairdressing items, grocery goods, and so on.
Trendy stationery and gifts.
Daily items, grocery and home fixtures.
Free packing service.
Parking space is available in some of our stores.
Free deposit service.

New services in the future

Rest rooms are going to be available in some of our stores.
Special offer, promotional events and new products are going to be offered on the special web page of Poya FB .
Parking service are going to be available in some of our stores.
Development of new communication platform for real-time and multi-lateral communications with the consumers.