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About Poya

POYA is the specialty store offering personal beauty and daily merchandise. By the end of September 2018, POYA has opened 191 stores throughout the country. POYA’s stores average 1,653-3,967 square meters, offering various products such as popular makeup from Europe, U.S., Japan and Korea, open-shelf cosmetics, foreign stylish jewelries, daily goods, hardware products, snacks from various countries, fashion hosiery and branded cosmetics from Japan and Korea, underwear and pajamas etc. Owing to the merchandise up to 45,000 items, POYA can provide customers the most convenient, complete and professional purchase choices. With sufficient product items, POYA can also satisfy the customers’ expectation on one-stop shopping.

Furthermore, POYA can expand the stores and business by the powerful support deriving from merchandise sourcing abilities of the headquarters in Taipei. Taking the core advantage of resource sharing, POYA can stably grow and win the first prizes of national store number, annual sales and market shares of national market relative to the competitors.

By utilizing the advantages of channel development, we believe POYA will continue to innovate and refine the operation, creating an even better, more convenient, brighter and more spacious shopping space in the future.